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   heads of the gtac

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about the GTAC
history of the GTAC
heads of GTAC
the committee
the sub-committees
the core committee


Chairman, GTAC

Mr Dharmananda Das, IAS 11.08.1970 to 04.02.1979
Mr Hiralal Phukan 05.02.1979 to 26.10.1979
Mr Dharmananda Das, IAS 27.10.1979 to 12.02.1981
Mr Arif Ali, IAS 13.02.1981 to 25.04.1983
Mr Nasim Ali Hazarika 26.04.1983 to 10.02.1986
Mr Harendra Nath Das, IAS 11.02.1986 to 09.06.1996
Mr Chandra Kanta Das, IAS 11.06.1996 to 28.05.1998
Mr Prabir Kumar Datta, IAS 29.05.1998 to 31.07.2003
Mr J. P. Rajkhowa, IAS 02.08.2003 to 30.01.2004
Mr Prafulla Ch. Sharma, IAS 31.01.2004 to 31.03.2010
Mr R. Capoor, IAS 01.04.2010 to 31.05.2011
Pradyut Bordoloi 30.07.2013 to 06.09.2016
Mr. Ravi Capoor, IAS 07.09.2016 till date

Secretary, GTAC

Mr Dhanapati Sarma Roy 11.08.1970 to 30.04.1973
Mr Tikendra Nath Hazarika 01.05.1973 to 30.06.1983
Mr Jayanta Kakati 01.04.1984 to 30.09.2016
Mr. Priyanuz Dutta 01.10.2016 till date

Asst. Secretary, GTAC

Mr Joydeep Phukan 01.04.2003 to 31.08.2006
Priyanuz Dutta 01.04.2011 till date


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