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about tea
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About Tea

Tea is one of the world's most important crop. It is consumed as a beverage throughout the world and grown widely in countries of Asia, Africa and the Near East. It has widespread implications for the earnings and food security of farm communities, particularly small-holders in these countries.

Historically, it has competed effectively in an increasing crowded beverages market, but indications are that it has lost ground, particularly in the early to mid-nineties.

World tea production in the last decade has grown at an yearly rate of 1.81% until 1999 and consumption has kept pace at a slightly growth rate of 2.05% per year. However, the global consumption has consistently been significantly less than production.

World tea production has been dominated by India where output peaked at over 870,000 tons in 1998. The second largest producer is China with its highest output also recorded in 1998 when its production reached 665,000 tons. Kenya follows at a distant third at 294,000 tons and Sri Lanka at 280,100. Indonesia, Argentina and Bangladesh follow as fifth, sixth and seventh, respectively.


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